PC Repairs

I can repair your PC on site, but should there be a need to take it away I can usually supply a replacement to keep you going free of charge.

Broadband Set-up / Dial-up / Internet Security
If you would like to check whether you can receive broadband click on this link.                                  Then enter your telephone number and post code and click on 'Testez'. If you are unable to receive it now it is always worth trying every few weeks. France Telecom are always doing maintenance on exchanges to increase broadband availability.
Once you have an internet provider I can set up your Broadband connection.

Email / Skype / Webcam
Want to keep in closer contact with friends, family and the rest of the world.  I would be more than happy to assist you with this.

Want the freedom and comfort that Wi-Fi can offer? I can check to see if your system can be Wi-Fi enabled and can usually supply the appropriate parts to make it a reality.

Home Networking
If you have more than one PC why not network them so they can share files and printing. At the same time I can  check that your printers and scanners are working correctly with it.

With a System crash all would appear to be at an end but don't fret! I can re-build your PC (usually without the need for replacement parts): Should the need arise however I can supply the required components (quoting you figures first) recovering those precious files you thought you had lost.

Memory Upgrade
To use Broadband 512MB of memory is recommended... (128MB for your system, 128MB for surfing, and 256MB for your programs). If your computer is sluggish or has slow responses it may need more memory which I will be happy to supply and fit.

Have A Problem?  Can't Find an Answer?   Telephone Advice is 'ALWAYS' Free.
I welcome your call. The best time to ring is in the evening when there will be more time to chat.  You can always send me an E.Mail at and I will reply ASAP.