Does Your PC Suffer From Any Of These?

Identification Of Common Symptoms That Cause PC Failure

The Power Supply The most common cause is damage from a power surge during a thunder storm: It is therefore  important to have a surge protector here in France. The majority of power cables in rural areas are above ground and are therefore more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Another common cause is overheating due to a  damaged fan or poor ventilation within and around the PC. Symptoms are normally no power lights at all on the PC.

Hard Drive Another favourite common replacement part is the Hard Drive. Here your PC could crash and you will get a loss of data. A blue screen is another symptom (also known as the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)). Should your PC need to be rebuilt and data such as photos, documents, music etc. saved and transferred onto your new hard drive the time involved to rebuild the system and transfer the data can take me  4 - 5 hours work including updates. Saving data is dependant on the state of the old hard drive It is  important to do a regular back up to the hard drive.

Motherboard   Motherboard failure symptoms include an assortment of things from the PC not booting up at all, constant beeping (or intermitant beeping),  to strange things happening whilst using the PC.

PC's are prone to Viruses and Spyware if there is no or out of date software loaded onto your computer to combat the threats. Viruses come in many guises and can attack your a PC in different ways such as slow system performance, crashing, missing data, and constant pop-up's when connected to the internet.

Corrupted Files
Corrupted Systems can usually be identified with windows not booting up giving a missing file message or a BSOD. The most common causes are the PC not being shut down or restarted properly, a power cut, or a Virus.

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